Food Heals

I learnt this young, my Mum instilled this in me and I saw first hand the results and how changing her diet and eating the right foods helped with her MS symptoms. 

Little did I know back then that food can also help mend a broken heart. 

It has done this for for me recently after our best friend of Featherhorn – Woody Wood – passed away and I threw myself back into work and catered 2 weddings at the Moore’s plus a private grazing table for a housewarming party. I love what I do and that I get to be creative everytime I cook, taking the time to make the food shine in all its glory with presentation. 

I set up the grazing table with flowers, Moroccan lanterns, velvet table cloth, beautiful platters and garnishes of fresh colourful herbs, spices and other fun stuff that I added as I went along. Satisfied with the result, that same feeling you get when you finish a painting or any other visual and sensory creative piece. I left the guests happy as they began to tuck in and dashed off to The Moore’s to tackle the 4 course wedding dinner for 70. That may sound slightly insane but the busyness and the adrenalin high took my mind off everything as I only had room in my mind to think about the now, a very good place to be. 

Below are some photos from the weekend and a couple of previous graze pics too. 

If anyone has a private event coming up I’m taking bookings and offering a special deal on grazing tables – only $35/head (20 person minimum) for a full graze set up – to celebrate our Featherhorn website launch. These will include cheeses, meats, Middle Eastern dips, olives, home made crackers, Turkish bread, roast veg, a couple of canapés of your choice, baklava, Turkish delight, homemade honeycomb and fresh fruit all prettied up and sexy! 

PM if you’d like me to come to you for a $35/head graze set up or call me on 0400007584.